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Ordering your own vehicles

95048ba3e5d34bc063d474c10450a5d4Sinergy Motorsports have a unique way for you to import the exact vehicle you want, including colour, kms and modifications desired.

Sinergy Motorsports believe there is more to importing the right vehicle than the Auction Grade system. With 17 years experience in the Japanese used vehicle industry, our partners in Japan go far beyond the Grading System to find vehicles only of a very high standard. Our thorough and scrupulous inspectors are specifically trained to pick any accident damage, corrosion, engine and mathanlcats problems and so forth.

Sinergy Motorsports not only source the correct vehicle for you, our partners in Japan perform a very thorough inspection to ensure the auction grade given is accurate. Only after the vehicle has been through this process, and meets our very high standards, do we then import the vehicle to Australia. Once the vehicle arrives in Australia our trained automotive technicians then check everything and prepare it for delivery.

If you would like to import your chosen vehicle this way, simply sit down with us in order to develop a package to suit you. There is a 10% deposit required to start the buying process. The remaining balance is only paid upon delivery of the vehicle, after compliance and registration. In the highly unlikely event that your vehIcle fails to meet the standards promised by Sinergy Motorsports.

Your vehicle is then delivered to you with a minimum of 3 months registration and up to a 5 year complete warranty. The benefits of importing your vehicle through Sinergy Motorsports:

  1. No massive upfront fees
  2. Deal with an experienced team face to face
  3. Trusted purchasers/inspectors in Japan with up to date buying ability and over 30,000 vehicles to choose from
  4. When your vehicle arrives you get to inspect it for yourself before taking delivery
  5. The Sinergy Motorsports garauntee