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What to look for in a reliable Mechanic in Adelaide?

Choosing a Mechanic in Adelaide can be stressful since you want to make sure that you pick someone who will provide you with good work at an honest price. A reliable mechanic is an asset, but how can you tell if you can really rely on your mechanic?

Following are top 10 things to look for when evaluating if a mechanic is worthy of your trust –
  • Certification – A trusted auto Mechanic in Adelaide should at the very least have ASE or Auto Service Excellence accreditation, and might have manufacturer-specific accreditation as well. Look for ‘accreditation certificates’ and logos while visiting the mechanic.

  • Recommendations – One sign of an auto mechanic that you can rely on is the recommendation of family & friends. Other sources you can check up for recommendations are your local ‘Chamber of Commerce’ or the ‘Better Business Bureau’.

  • Written Estimates – A good Mechanic in Adelaide is generally willing to proffer you an estimate in writing at no charge. Whether the mechanic you pick is unwilling to do so or wants to charge you for the quote, they are much more probable to try & pad your bill when they in point of fact work on your car.

  • Doing essential work – A trusted auto mechanic should only do work to the car that is essential, and even then will consult you before doing anything else than the work you asked for! Beware of any Mechanic in Adelaide who does additional work without asking you beforehand.

  • Explanations – A good mechanic will explain to you what the problem is & try to make sure that you understand it properly. Ask questions if you have to; your mechanic should answer the questions to ensure your understanding before ‘proceeding’ with the work your vehicle needs.

  • Price – You do not want to pay too much for the work which is done on your vehicle, but at the same time you want to make sure that the job is done right. A trusted Mechanic in Adelaide may not always have the lowest price for the service he provides, but he also should not have the highest.

  • Source of Specialty Repairs – Some of the repairs such as transmission work are time and again subcontracted to specialty shops. Many of the trusted auto mechanics will tell the customers if their car will be sent to some other shop during the course of repairs, but if it is not mentioned, you should ask. In this manner, you will know if the same mechanics will be working on your car through the entire process, or if part of the job will be completed by somebody else.

  • Choices – A good auto Mechanic in Adelaide will proffer you choices when your car is being worked on. These options often include alternate parts so that you can pick the option that best fits the budget. After the repairs are done, they should also proffer you the choice to keep the old parts. This will let you inspect them & see if the replacement was truly essential.

  • Referrals – The best auto mechanics will proffer referrals to other shops if they cannot meet your needs and requirements. This shows that they care about the customers since they are willing to lose the sale if it means – the customer is better-taken care of!

  • Warranties – Not every auto Mechanic in Adelaide offers warranties on their work. However, a number of mechanics do offer some kind of guarantee. These shop warranties make sure that the work they do on the car is done in the correct manner; if it is not, they will generally fix it at ‘no additional cost’ to you.

The people who like to work with their own hands and fix different vehicles might want to become an efficient Mechanic in Adelaide. There are more than a few people wondering how much money do mechanics make? The fact is that the ‘answer’ would vary since there are more than a few different factors here in play. There are different types of mechanics, and each one will make different amounts of money. You might want to specialize in a particular field and gain experience in the field to augment your chances of making money. The education you have, the type of Mechanic in Adelaide that you are, your experience & employment location are all factors that will decide the amount of money which you will get to earn.


There are different fields in which auto mechanics work, and this would influence the amount of cash they earn. Those who are planning out a career in this field have to research about a variety of salary levels in different specializations. Some of the mechanics would always make more money than the others as the education & expertise levels required for some of the positions would be higher than the others.

Specialty certifications & training of a Mechanic in Adelaide –

How much money do mechanics earn? This would also depend on the certifications & training that you have. Like with any other profession, you have the liberty to earn more money by taking up additional training & skills which can enhance the marketability of your skills. As a professional, the more qualifications & certifications you have, the higher would be your ability to earn money. This is one more reason why quite a lot of mechanics continuously update their skills.

The requirement for additional skills has become even more imperative since the world is becoming cleaner and greener by producing mechanical items. As a Mechanic in Adelaide, it would be very advantageous for you to get training which can allow you to be right at the front position of this chance. Not only will this offer you a higher number of employment opportunities, but it will also increase the chances of earning a higher income. Also, these mechanics apart from their skills are the right people to be contacted for car parts. Obviously, as they are in the market, they know it well and have a good network. Therefore, even if you need rare Japanese vehicle parts, mechanics can be of great help!

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Choosing a Mechanic in Adelaide can be stressful since you want to make sure that you pick someone who will provide you with good work at an honest price. A reliable mechanic is an asset, but how can you tell if you can really rely on your mechanic?