Panasonic Battery – Toyota Crown Hybrid

Panasonic Battery – Toyota Crown Hybrid


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Panasonic have been the leading Factory-fitted Battery for leading brands such as Toyota, Mazda, Nissan and Subaru for many years. This is their top of the range model as fitted to many Hybrid electric vehicles such as Lexus and some late model Toyota.





These batteries are built in Japan to the highest specification and under the most rigorous quality control, to keep your car operating reliably in hot conditions and heavy traffic.
Replace your battery with this Original Equipment Manufactured (OEM) car battery and enjoy an unbeatable 2 Year Replacement Warranty (for private use hybrid electric vehicles).

  • Capacity 20hr: 57Ah
  • Size: 200 H x 165 W x 250 L
  • CCA: 450
  • Class: A
  • Private Use Warranty: 2 Years